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Welcome to SoufiArte by Daniela Soufi.

It is intriguing to work with metals and gemstones.
Focusing on these materials has become for me a way of meditation where the stillness of the studio is interrupted by the sound of the hammer hitting strong surfaces and shaping them into captivating, timeless and beautifully wearable jewelry. SoufiArte jewelry is eclectic, purely based on intuition and creates a synchronicity with the wearer. If you like to stand out in a crowd with a great peace of jewelry then these creations are for you – unique and empowering jewelry that makes every moment of your life an experience of magical moments filled with visual surprises.

Take the “Crossing the Desert” Collection and choose from an array of distinctive art pieces displaying intriguing shapes, saturated colors and lustrous metals of breathtaking beauty capturing elements of the old and the new. The rich style of each handcrafted piece enhances your character and sets you in motion for the day. If you would like to see this entire collection, feel free to contact me.

All my work is handmade in my Southern California studio using traditional techniques and tools.

Enjoy, but don’t settle for just looking at them. Wear them now and admire them for a long time. This is the jewelry of the collection of Daniela Soufi. All pieces are unique and versatile. Her eclectic designs are modern interpreters of feminine charm, your charm. “Call me Daniela. I come from Munich and live in Southern California. I am self-taught in the art of jewelry and studied basics of metal fabrication at the local Fine Arts Center. I like trying new solutions and new techniques. When I create, it’s the metals, stones, glass and pearls that guide my fingers, and my eye is the judge. If the results make you rave about my jewelry, I’d be happy…”

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Artragous Clothing
1135 W Chapman Ave
Orange CA 92868

I can’t say enough about my unique necklaces from Daniela! To date, I have four in my collection and each one is very different from the others. I love the asymmetry, the colors, the materials (pottery shards, glass, unusual beads, copper, enamel, etc.) and how her pieces just make an outfit “pop!” If you want the ordinary, don’t wear a “Daniela,” but if you’re going for the compliments and the oohs and ahhs, you’ve found the right artist.
-Linda from Yorba Linda